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Little Holland House


A gallery of 52 pictures of Little Holland House - click on the thumbnails to bring up the larger pictures



1960s - the Living Room with the dining table
and rush stool
1960s - the division between the living
and sitting rooms with the original curtains
1960s - the Living Room fireplace
1960s - the exterior:
very little has changed
1960s - the Sitting Room: note the settee
still has its original upholstery
1960s - the Sitting Room, looking into
the Living Room
A view from the Master Bedroom
looking across the landing into the Bathroom
Beeches Avenue,
from a post card in the Local Collection printed before 1903
Beeches Avenue,
a photograph dated 1913 looking south
from the station - a few houses
can now be seen between the trees
Isabella Waight (known as Belle), Frank Dickinson's sister Herbert 'Bert' Dickinson, the second youngest of Frank's brothers A watercolour by
Frank Dickinson
of Carshalton High Street,
showing the stream which used to run down the south side of the road from Carshalton Park into the ponds. This was culverted over in the 1930s
Charlie Dickinson in his Merchant Navy uniform The wedding of Charlie Dickinson and Minnie Marriott in 1901, three years before Frank married Florence Mariott
Left to Right: Back Row:
Mr. Palmer, Isabel Dickinson (Frank & Charlie’s sister), Frank, Florence
Front Row: Charlie Dickinson and his bride, Minnie
The coal box which now stands in the Living Room
This was the first piece of furniture made by Frank Dickinson for his new home
A social evening at Little Holland House
Standing, left to right: Florence, George (Charlie’s son), Mrs Hughes, Jack, Julie
Middle row, seated left to right: Frank, Lizzie, Belle, Jack
Front row: Marjorie Waight (Belle’s daughter), ?, Frances Waight, Gerard
Frank and Florence Dickinson pictured at around the time of their marriage in 1904 The family of Frank's brother Charles (Charlie) Dickinson taken on 5th March 1921
Charlie married Minnie Marriott, Florence’s sister.
Left to right: George, Charlie, Margaret, Mabel, James (Jim), Minnie, and Fred
Florence whilst Frank's fiancée - one of the two pictures which Frank Dickinson used to create
the paintings of his wife and himself
in the corner of the Living Room
Social gathering at Little Holland House
Left to Right: Florence, Julie, Frank, Marjorie Waight (daughter of Frank’s sister, Belle), Richard (Dick) Sell (friend) and Dick’s sister, Barbara
Florence Dickinson (seated) with her daughter Isobel (known as Julie) behind, and
her grandson Martin on her lap, c.1939

Florence sitting in the garden of Little Holland House, on the ‘Mistresses chair’ - Frank said that the mistress of the house was so busy, she didn’t have time to rest and take her ease, so the chair had no arms, unlike the Master’s chair!

Frank Dickinson in his garden at Little Holland House, with his older brother Charlie,
and Frank’s children, Julie and Gerard -
Charlie had helped Frank build his 'ideal' house

Frank and Florence in the garden with Frank’s niece, Margaret, on the left. From the style of dress it must be pre-1914


Frank in profile
One of the two pictures which Frank Dickinson used to create the paintings of his wife and himself in the corner of the Living Room

Frank Dickinson and his wife Florence, outside their house - although the photograph is not dated, from the style of clothing it is probably
the late 1940s/very early 1950s

Frank Dickinson in his sergeant's Uniform
From an original loaned
by Frank's niece, Frances

Frank Dickinson
 - a self-portrait
Fred Dickinson,
Frank's oldest brother
Gerard Dickinson,
Frank’s son, with his wife Doris, in the garden of his house in Banstead
Gerard and Doris Dickinson, shortly after their marriage

Gerard Dickinson
and his wife Doris
They are seen in the garden of their home in Banstead, sitting on the Marriage Chest he had made with the help of his father, Frank. The chest is now on view in Gerard's old bedroom at Little Holland House

Gerard Dickinson
in uniform, in his back garden at Banstead
Harry Crosby,
Julie's husband, in the garden with
their daughter Mary

A social gathering at Little Holland House
Left to Right: Florence, Frank (with his face hidden), Marjorie Waight (daughter of Frank’s sister, Belle), Harry Crosby (Frank’s son-in-law), Dick Sell, Barbara Sell

Herbert Harold (Bert) Dickinson,
one of Frank's younger brothers
Julie Dickinson as a child

The garden at Little Holland House showing the fountain, in one of its incarnations
 the pond was filled in twice
once when Frank’s children were young, and again when his grandchildren were young, to avoid accidents. The shape of the pond changed from an octagon to a circle, and the top of the fountain went missing and was eventually replaced by a different shape

Frank's painting of Little Holland House
The Dickinson family in the back garden of Little Holland House, prior to 1914 Another painting of Little Holland House An early photograph of the Living Room
The Lobby today Minnie, Charlie's wife, with their daughter, Margaret Mrs. Fred Dickinson

Members of the Dickinson family outside Little Holland House in the 1920s
The picture was taken before any building work had taken place to the south. Frank can be seen in the middle
From an original lent by Marjorie Hunt, one of Frank’s nieces

The Kitchen at Little Holland House
before restoration in 1973

The silver tea service made by Frank Dickinson for his wife to celebrate their Silver Wedding in 1929
Also shown is the coffee pot which was the first thing he made in silver following an evening class in silver working at the Central School of Art in London

Another photograph of the Sitting Room An early photograph of the Sitting Room The Sitting Room in Little Holland house

The wedding greetings card made by Frank Dickinson to celebrate his marriage to Florence Marriott on 28th March 1904
They moved into Little Holland House on their wedding night





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